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Did I miss something here?
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I do what I can. I usually know my limits. I'm big on stories, and am trying to be a game programmer.

Current Residence: Planet Earth
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Video Game music.
Favourite style of art: Any as long as it looks good
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: A working one
Shell of choice: Koopa Shells (lol)
Wallpaper of choice: Golden Gemini (see gallery)
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Not sure.
Personal Quote: There's never time to waste. Don't forget it!
My friend Missy (XxSereneGracexX) did a really long quiz.  I figured I'd give it a shot.  I won't do it all in a single sitting though, so I'll be posting the day of the week along with any of the time questions.

What time are you starting this quiz? : Monday, 9:46 pm
Do you like quizzes? : Sure
What is your age? : 22
What is your gender? : Male
What is your ethnic group? : Hispanic
What is your Location? : Game Room
What is your Eye color? : Brown
What is your IQ? : Unless it has dropped, 133
What are / were your normal school grades? : A/B average
Do / Did you like school? : Depends on the moment
What grade are you in? : Graduated
Are you in college? : Graduated
Will you be honest about this question, and ALL of the questions? : Yes
What is your favorite TV show? : The Legend of Korra
Cartoon? : ^
Would you download porn? : No
Would you download music? : Yes
Would you hack someone? : Yes, but I wouldn't do anything seriously damaging.
Do you hack? : No
Do you know where you are? : Welcome to the jungle punk! (song reference)
Do you like this quiz so far? : Sure
Do you have YIM? : Used to, when I used my yahoo account.
Do you know what YIM is? : Yup
Do you like The Sims or The Sims 2? : No
What kind of shoes do you have? : At the moment, only socks
Sneakers or Sandals? : Sneakers
Do you call it... Soda Pop, Coke, The name of the drink, Pop, Fizzy Water? : Name of the drink
Would you drink? : On occasions
...Underage? : .... I think I answered that question already
Are you a vegetarian? : No, omnivore. 
Are you a healthy person? : More or less
Do you excercise often? : I could exercise more.
do yuo typo ofetn/ : Mostly when I Skype, and always on the last word.
Could you read that? : Yes
When did you last look at the sky? : When I was driving home today.
When did you last go outside? : When I was returning from work.
When did you last eat a banana? : If the smoothie I did on Saturday counts, then Saturday.
When did you last scream at your parents? : I think 2 months ago.  Might be longer than that.
Are you a daredevil? : Depends on the scenario.
Do you hate the south? : No
Do you hate the North? : No
Are you religious? : I'm not the best Catholic, but proud to be so.
Do you think I'll judge you based on your answers? : Would I be doing this quiz if I cared?
Are you a blonde? : I'm sure I answered this question.
Are you a dumb blonde? : Only once every summer solstice.
Do you type in perfect sentences? : I try to
or do u tyep like this lol : No
0R wOr$3 DO U 7Yp3 lIk3 t#!$?????!/1/1/1/1 : No, except for w00t!
Do you judge those that type like that? : Nah, as long as I understand it.
Do you judge people? : It's hard not to, but I don't do extremes.
Do you make fun of people? : As long as I don't hurt anyone.
Are you planning on taking over the world? : That would be my brother
Have you taken over the world? : He's a long way to getting there.
Are you in shape? : Not really.  I lurch a bit and sore all over.
Are you fat? : No.
Would it be all over if you get fat? : If it caused me to lose my energy, probably.
Is it all about American Idol? : Never was
Do you like American Idol? : Up unitl Nicki Minaj was brought on.
Do you want to kill your neighbor? : I don't know my neighbors. XD
What is your favorite kind of clothing? : T Shirts and Jeans
When did you last run around? : Saturday
Do you cry often? : No
When did you last prank your neighbors? : Halloween
Would you prank your neighbors? : Only on Halloween if there aren't so many mosquito (which there unfortunately are lately)
Would you rather party, or be alone? : Party
Are you friendly and have friends? Or all alone and misunderstood? : Definitely friendly. :)
Or just hate people? : I hate Justin Beiber.  Does that count?
Are you racist? : Everyone's a Little Bit Racist (that's two song references)
Homophobic? :  No
Stereotypical? : Only for jokes
Do you hate the above? : No, unless it's an extreme.
Do you just lick the filling off of Oreos? : No
Do you think Pokemon is about the dumbest thing ever? : Not by a long shot
Do you think Pokemon is about the coolest thing ever? : Close, but I'm more of a Sonic guy
What is your sexual orientation? : Straight
Do you dress or act certain way to fit in? : No
Do you think this is stupid? : Not yet
Have you ever been chased by the police : No
Type your name with your eyes closed: marjosonic (too easy, I'm really used to typing my name and password)
Do you have pop ups blocked? : Yes
Do you have a friend name Kelly? : I don't think I know a Kelly
What is your favorite Shampoo? : Don't have a favorite
Conditioner? : ^
Who are you obsessed with? : No one
Do you have any obsessions? : No obsessions, but I do have a strong gaming passion.
If so what? : ^
Are you addicted to any drugs? : No
If so what? : N/A
Are you addicted to caffeine?  No.  It does nothing for me anyways.
Do you consider yourself good looking? : Decent
Do you have self confidence? :  For most things
...Too much self confidence? : No
Do you have low self esteem? : Had, but I'm getting better
High self esteem? : No
WAY TOO MUCH self esteem? : No
When did you last eat an apple?: 1-2 weeks ago...... I can't remember everything, okay. >=(
What color was it? : Red
Do you have a laptop or desktop? : Laptop
Are you on your OWN computer? : Technically yes, but my parents bought it.  Gonna buy my own soon.
Are you old enough for a job? : I don't know, you tell me.
Do you have one if you're old enough? : Yep
Are you to lazy to get one? : My parents would drag me to work for them if I was lazy. :\
What kind of music do you like? : Mainly rock, but I'll listen to just about anything.
What is your favorite band?: Crush 40, Aerosmith, and Iron Maiden are what I'm listening to the most lately.
What is a band you HATE? : No one in particular
Name a random person you know in real life. : Caitlyn (last person I hung out with not from work)
Name a random person you know from online.  : Devon SparkyDaHedgehog (My VS buddy)
Name a random word. : Schadenfreude
What are you doing? : Realizing that you're not paying attention.
Whats on your mind? : My legs (I really needed to stretch at this moment)
Do you watch south park? : From time to time.  It's over the top, but I like it.
Do you know any wEirD people? : marjosonic :D
Are you weird? : ........ PAY ATTENTION DAMMIT!
Are you daring? : I think so.
Are you sane? : Define sane.
Do you have any pets? : No
Have you ever been to a karaoke bar? : No, but I have done karaoke
Do you know Martial Arts? : Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
Do you believe in love at first sight? : No, but I'm sure people who saw someone they liked on first sight and worked his/her way to get him/her.
Do you believe in miracles? : Yes
Do you like our president? : No
Is George W. Bush your president? : Wrong year buddy.
Would you kill someone? : Not without a really good reason.
Are you home alone? : Nah, my parents are upstairs and my bro is playing Assassin's Creed IV in the same room as me.
Would you love someone? : Yes
Are you in love? : I might be.
Is it going to work out? : Hasn't even started.
Are you married? : Nope
Are you keeping in mind to be honest? : You calling me a liar?
Are you afraid? : Is it scary?
Would you kiss someone of the same gender? : Not even if I were paid.
Are you a virgin? : Technically yes, but I have had a sexual experience with someone else.
Do you like food? : Who doesn't (and don't say anorexics, cause they're just lying to themselves).
Name a song you can relate to. : In the Lead by Crush 40
Name a fun song! : EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!! *flop*
Can you sing? : ...... not well. XD
Name another person you hate. : Can't I just say Beiber again?
What color are the walls of the room you are in? : Not sure of the exact color name, but it's a darker version of Beige.
What color are the floors of the room you are in? : Light brown carpet
Is someone mad at you? : Probably
Do you ever get mad at someone often that is your friend? : Not often, but I have been.
Are you toxic? : Likely
Are you spicy? : More likely
Have you ever dyed your hair? : No, but I did get yellow highlights when I was 10.
Do you highly care about what those who aren't your friend's care about you? : Not really
Do you love yourself? : No, but I don't hate myself either.
Did you take that the wrong way? : No
Do you take everything the wrong way? : I try not to.
Do you have an optical or standard mouse? : Optical.  Who uses standard anymore?
Do you remember the last time you had jelly beans? : Nope.  Been a while.
Have you ever been on a game show? : No, but I'd love to be in one.
Ever been on TV? : May have been.  Don't know what the camera was for to be exact.
Ever been out of your house? : I haven't found my way out; it's a freaking maze in here.
Ever met a celebrity? : Met the cast of Back to the Future. 
Name someone you love. : My mom. :D ........ what, you have a problem with that?
What are you wearing? : Blue polo with company logo (not a uniform), white undershirt, black pants, and black socks.
Do you have pride in anything that other people would judge you for? : Probably my passion for games if anything.
Would you support gay marriage? : Sure
Would you not mind? : Just don't go crazy, that's all.
Would you strongly oppose gay marriage? : No
Did you vote for Bush, Kerry, Nader, or not at all? : Wasn't old enough to vote.
Are you in my closet? : No, the toilet.
Are you an awkward person? : Yep
Are you stupid? : Not intellectually at least.

Yes or no? 
War: No
Peace: Yes
Love: Yes 
Sex: Yes 
Suicide: No 
Partying: Yes
Homosexuality: Yes 
Bisexuality: Yes 
Heterosexuality: Yes 
Dancing?: Yes
Food!: Yes
Anorexia: No 
Evanescence: Yes
Green Day?: Yes
Your life?: Yes 
Religion?: Yes
Athiesm?: Yes 
Making fun of others?: Yes, as long as no one gets hurt
Shop often?: No
Love often?: At the moment, no 
Been divorced?: No
Want a divorce?: No
Cheat on someone who thinks you are their soulmate?: No
Have good morals?: Yes

Are you... 
Someone who loves animals? : Sure
Someone who is for abortion? : Yes, to an extent
Someone who is for legalization of drugs? : Yes, but only certain drugs and I still wouldn't do them.
Someone who sits around all day? : No.  I'd get tired/bored.
Someone who spends 8+ hours on their computer? : That's my job. XD
Someone who has a life? : No, I'm just lending my body to some spirit in need.
Someone who has a cell phone? : Yes
Someone who is secretly in love with a friend? : Might be.  It's not really strong, but I am interested in someone
Someone who believes in magic? : No, but I still love it.
Someone who believes everything happens for a reason? : Yes
Someone who believes in life after death? : Yes
Someone who believes in creation of the universe? : Yes
Someone who is prejudice against races, religions, etc? : No
Someone who is fun! : I'd like to think so.
Someone who likes Spongebob? : Only classic Spongebob
Someone who wants to have a good time? : Who doesn't
Someone who believes in romanticism? : More or less

What brand are / is.... 
Your atheletic Shoes? : Puma and Skechers
Your casual Shoes? : None
Your dress shoes? : Stacy Adams
Your sandals? : None
Your car? : Honda
Most of your clothes? : American Eagle or Kirkland
Your favorite kind of soda? : Ginger Ale
The drink you drink most of? : Water

What kind of books do you like? : Adventures
What is your favorite series of books? : Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
Do you drink Orange Juice? : Yes
What is your favorite brand of Orange juice? : Home Maker Premium
Are you a sibling? : Yup
Are you the younger / older / same age? : Older
Are you a twin? : No
Would you watch a horror movie? : Only with a group; too boring when it's just two people
Does your ear itch? : No, but my hair does.
Does your head ache? : Now and then
Have you taken any breaks during this quiz? : So far no
Can you type fast? : Yes
Dooo yoooou tyyyyyyyyyype sloooooooow? : No
Was that annoying? : Not really
What kind of computer do you have? : Sony VAIO, but I want to get an Alienware
Are you wearing socks? : Geez, you really haven't been paying attention....
Would you feel awkward around a satanist? : No
Would you feel awkward around a christian? : No
Would you feel awkward around an athiest? : No.  The reason is I never talk about religion with anyone unless they're the same religion as I am.  If someone were to start talking to me about it, I change the subject.  And if anyone starts to make a big deal, I'm out.
Would you feel awkward around anyone? : Depends on who
What is the weather like RIGHT now? : Was better than a few hours ago.
When did you last bleed? : 4 hours ago, but it wasn't anything serious.
Do you have braces?: No
Do you wear contacts? : No
Do you wear glasses? No
If so.. To see? To see far away? To read? : To see far.
When did you last go to school? : June 2013
When did you last hug someone? : Today
Who was it? : My family
Are you bootylicious? : Can guys be bootylicious?
Are you mature? : When I need to be
Are you immature? : More than likely
Do you like to party? : Sure.
What is a turn on? : Being a lively person
What is a turn off? : Ignoring people.
Are you aroused by kitchen appliances? : But that toaster though :icondatassplz:
Do you have language problem? : No
What's zee quiz like so far? : Ziss okay
How's life? : Pretty good actually.
What is your hairstyle? Not sure how to describe it.
How does your hair look right now? : ^
Do you have clear skin? : No
Are you flawless? : No
...Are you lying? : What do you think?
Do you realize that at least one person loves you? : Of course
Do you love someone so much you would die for them? : I probably could.
If you would die tomorrow, what would you do today? : Say my goodbyes
Do you live like everyday is your last day? : No
What time is it? : Monday 10:44 pm (Oh wow, it's been an hour)
Do you savor every second after work / school? I guess?
Do you savor every second of life? : I try to.
Name something TOTALLY free. : Thinking
Hahaha! Were you breathing automatically?  Well, I'm healthy enough to do so, right?
Now that I mentioned it, are you having to breathe on your own? : ^
If you looked to your left, what would you see? : Pillows everywhere.
What do you love? : My family, being with friends, playing games, that one girl I like.
What don't you love? : Justin Beiber
When did you last write something with a pen? : Today.
Have you ever been on stage? : Not since elementary school
Are you married?: No
Do you ever want to get married? : Yeah
When did you last dance? : Does "In the Bathroom" count?
Do you like the rain? : No
Are you having a good day? : Today was good.
Do you have an extensive collection of music on your computer? : No, I keep a small collection on my phone and have a few CDs.  But I listen to Pandora more nowadays.
Do you like prank phone calls? : I don't do it myself, but I like hearing about them.
Ever prank phone call the police? : ^
Ever streak? : No
Ever Skinny dip? : Once.
Do you take showers, baths, or jump in the creek? : Showers
Everyday? : Yes
On the weekend? : Yes
When did you last brush your teeth? : This morning
What time is it now? : Monday 10:50 pm (Gonna be turning in pretty soon.
When did you last kick a ball? : Saturday, but it was a softball I was sending back to my brother.
When did you last hurt someone? : See below
Physically? : Probably a year ago in Martial Arts
Emotionally? : 4 months ago?
Have you ever killed someone? : Not in real life.
Are you pissed off? : Nope
When did you last cough? : Yester...... just now.  DAMMIT!
When were you last sick? : Kinda coming out of a cold right now.
Are you a cancer survivor? : Thankfully never had cancer.  Hopefully never will.
When did you last listen to music? : At work or when driving.
What did you listen to? : Whatever comes up on Pandora.  I shuffle Crush 40 Radio, Aerosmith Radio, and Iron Maiden Radio.  I also listen to Weird Al Radio from time to time.
Do you live life to the fullest? : I try to.
Do you know someone who has taken their own lives? : No, but my brother has.
Are you a thief, a whore, or a liar? : A nincompoop! XD
Type your favorite song lyric. : At the moment it's from Pompeii by Bastille.  "If you close your eyes, does it ever feel like nothing's changed at all"
Do you love clouds? : Don't care for them.
When did it last snow? : I'm in Mid Florida.  Nuff said.
When did you last go to the beach? : In April
Have you ever kissed someone? : Yes
How did you kiss them? : She kissed me after the last dance in prom (and I didn't know her from before)
Are you EXTREME?! :  Depends on my mood and the location.
What is your favorite pasttime? : Hanging out with friends and/or playing games.
Day or Night? : Day
Name something refreshing.: Good news :P
What entices you? : Cookies!!
Have you ever broken a bone? : No
What are you afraid of? : Ruining everything.
Who is your favorite online friend? : Three way tie between Missy, Devon, and Meg (Electard).  They're simply the best. :)
Who is your best friend in real life? : My childhood friend, Tim.  He's a goofball you can count on..... sorta. xD
Do you own an Ipod? : No
What is your parents name? : Diego and Martha
What is the NAME of your street? : Expedition
Do you want to go somewhere over the rainbow? : Only if I can fly there. :D
Have you ever been to Disney World / Land? : I actually live pretty close to Disney World.
What's the best advice anyone has every given you? : "Save your money and make smart decisions."  If I were to spend my cash so quickly, I'd probably not have or be able to maintain some of the things I have now.
What is your life goal? : To be happy and make others happy.
Love or Hate? : Love
Do you like life? : I always say Live Live, you know?  (Another song reference, though not as obvious)
Are you popular? : Nope.  So if you're reading this, thank you for doing so. :)
...Amongst weird people? : Haha, probably. XD
How do you dress? : T-shirt and Jeans on normal days, business casual for work.
How do you do?! : Jolly good sir or madam.
What is your favorite color? : Green.
Do you dress in Dark / Light colors? : Mostly dark

Are / Do your parents.. 
Nice? : Yeah
Baby you? : Not in the slightest. XD
Misunderstand you? : At times, but we're getting better and understanding each other.
Judge you? : Yes, but we still get along.
Give you everything? : No, and I'm glad.  I rather get things myself.
Think you haven't grown up yet? : No
Are they Married? : Yes.
Divorced? : No
Fighting? : No.  Argue, but never fight.
On good terms? : Of course
Rich? : Not in the financial way.
Poor? : No
Employed? : Yes
Unemployed? : ....... You just asked me if..... never mind, next.
Make dinner every night? : They try.  Sometimes I'll do it.  If all else fails, we make a rice and buy some chicken.
Make you order pizza? : My parents will never tell me to order pizza.  Unless we go out to eat to Anthony's.  That's different.
Go shopping with you? : I go shopping with them from time to time.

This or That 
Pie or cake? : Cake, unless it's a Pizza Pie, Pumpkin Pie, or Lemon Meringue Pie.
Pie or 3.14159...? : Pi
Chocolate or vanilla? : Either
Black or white? : Black

Ceiling or floor? : Floor
Couch or bed? : Surprisingly, couch. XD
Cough or sneeze? : Cough.
On or off? : On
Closed or open? : Closed
Brush or comb? : Brush
Long or short? : Long
Big or small? : Small
Wet or dry? : Depends
Under or over? : Under
Top or bottom? : Top
Fly or fall? : Fly
Smile or frown? : Smile 
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow? : Joy
Hot or cold? : Hot
Warm or cool? : Cool
Rough or smooth? : Smooth
Cat or dog? : Dog
Snake or bird? : Bird
Shark or T-Rex? : T-rex
Past or present? :  Present
Science fiction or fantasy? : Sci-Fi
Dull or sharp? : Sharp
Live forever or die young? : Live forever
Books or television? : Television
Jump or skip? : Jump
Fast or slow? : Fast
Run or walk? : Run
Guy or girl? : Girl
Disney or Warner Brothers? : Disney
Belle or Jasmine? : Jasmine
Gaston or Cruella Deville? : Cruella
Food or friends? : Friends
Colors or black and white? : Colors (unless it's meant to be classic)
Cute or pretty? : Cute
Good or evil? : Good
Fruits or vegetables? : Fruits
Milk or juice? : Milk
Hot chocolate or gingerale? : ...... oh god........... HOW DO I PICK!!!!!
Beer or wine? : Wine
Movies or cartoons? : Movies
Pillow or blanket? : Blanket
Moon or stars? : Stars
Sky or sea? : Sky
Explode or implode? : Explode

Odd Questions 
What color is the bottom of your tongue? : I guess pink right?
Your foot? : Skin tone
Do you have any medical problems concerning feet? : Not that I'm aware of.
Do you secretly fantasize about George W. Bush? : No, I actually don't think much about the guy
Do you chew on your homework? : No
Pencils? : Yes
Do you read the dictionary? : Nah, I just google.
Encyclopedia? : Google
Atlas? : Google
Road map? : Google Maps
Do you memorize random facts? : Yes, and I still want to learn more.
Do you stalk anyone? : No
Does anyone stalk you? : *looks behind* Not that I can see.
Do you cut the grass with a pair of scissors? : Can't cut grass cause of allergies.
Do you dust your lawn? : No
Do you collect dust? : I've tried to, but the dust thieves keep coming. :(
Lint? : No
Baby teeth? : No
Have you ever thought of becoming a prostitute? : In my case, it'd be a gigolo.... but no.
Do you wish prostitution was legal? : No
Do you use lotion on your feet? : No
Do you have problems with Canadians? : Nope, I know two cool Canadians.
Mexicans? : No, Mexicans can be hilarious.
Americans? : Just the really dumb ones.  (You all know who you are.)
The French? : No
The English? : My friend Meg is British. :3
Have you ever played a kazoo? : Once, a long time ago.
Have you ever shot someone? : In laser tag. :D
Something? : ^
How many pairs of underwear do you own? : I lost count.  (And to think there was a time I could barely make it through the week with undies. XD)
Jeans? :  I think 5.  Most of my jeans have been donated
What ring size are you? : No clue.
Belt size? : I'm guessing 32 like my waist size.
Have you ever gotten anything amputated? : Why would I ever want that?
Do you have a calendar from 2001 hanging in your room? : Nope
Do you eat a lot? : From time to time.
Do you get excited over cameras? : No
Do you have a strange obsession with pickles? : No
Poison? : No
Knives? : No....... well, at least while they're not in my hands.
Cheese? : If it's melty.
Penguins? : PENGUINS!!!!
Bald people? : No, but my dad's bald.
Scrawny African children?  Um... what?
Midgets? : Again, what?
Pirates? : Not really
Corny jokes? : If they're decent enough.
Are you a hermaphrodite? : Depends on who you ask.  (Long story)
Do you tie string to your teeth? : Not since I've had my "big boy" teeth.
Do you bite yourself? : Not hard enough to leave marks.
Cut yourself?: Stupid paper cuts. >=(
Do you get cold sores often? : No
Do you have a cold right now? : I'm coming out of one.
Do you suffer from chronic migraines? : Really, really short ones.
Do you like to touch sharp objects? : Not in a way that I'll prick/cut myself.
Do you have a twitching problem? : Actually, I think I might.
Are you homicidal? : Nope
What do you do on the computer? : Chat, LP, play games, plan.
Anything your parents should know about? : No
Are you happy with your life? : Yes
Is everybody else happy with your life? : Yes
Do you like 100% white grape juice? : I don't think I've had white grape juice.
Do you honestly believe that trees are, in fact, green? :  No, they look more brownish.  The leaves are a different story though.
How big is the universe? :  THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR WIKIPEDIA!!!
What's the logic behind your answer? : *Didn't bother to look for one*
How many hours of sleep do you get every night? : 5-8, depending on the day.
What do you dream about? : I forget. :/
Do you fall for Internet advertisements? : No
Do you enjoy bungee jumping? : Never tried it.
Do you have AIM? : No
MSN? : Wow, this quiz really is old.
YIM? : Wait, you asked me this already!?!
A Neopets account? : No
A Vampirefreaks account? : A what?
A Quizilla account? : No
Do you watch bugs crawl on the floor? : Geez, sounds like watching paint dry.
Do you follow the bugs that crawl on the floor? : No.
Do you get attacked by ladybugs? : ..... Now that you mention it, I haven't seen one in a while.
Are you scared of everything that breathes? : As long as it's not poisonous.
Doesn't breathe? : As long as it's not being thrown at me with a very small reaction time.
Are you scared of anything at all? : Yes
What? : Of messing everything up.
Which cardinal direction do you like best? : East
Do you have a microphone on your computer? : Yes
A webcam? : Yes
A scanner? : No
A printer? : No
A cordless mouse? : Yes, but I only use it for games.
Does your mouse light up? : I used to have one that did
Are you scared of mice? : No
Were you ever physically abused? : No
Verbally? : Yes
Sexually? : No
Do you wish you were a fish? : Maybe for a day.
A cat? : ^
A dog? : ^
Do you weasel out of things? : Depends on what's going on.
Do your teachers like you? : Yeah
Do your parents like you? : They love me. <3
Do your siblings like you? : He says he does. XD
Does karma, if it exists, love you? : Nope.  Watch my LPs. XD
Did you have a tail when you were born? : Aw man, I wish.  I could have totally been a Saiyan.
Do you sleep under or over the covers? : Under
Do you sleep in a bed? : Yes
Stopped Monday 11:39 pm. | Resumed Tuesday 7:08 pm
Do you catch yourself floating at times? : Only on Thursdays
Are you a packrat? : No
Do you know HTML or CSS? : A bit, but not enough to be useful.
Do you find yourself chewing on anything your fingers have touched? : Yeah.
Do you shy away from social situations? : Not as often as in the past.
Are you obsessed with shiny things? : Depends
Are you at least attracted to them? : Sure
Do you know what you're going to get for the holidays? : A good pat on the back. XD
Do you smash guitars or any other type of instrument? : Don't have any instruments.
Do you label other people? : Define label.
Are you proud? : Depends on what we're talking about here.
Do you like scrambled eggs? : Scrambled Eggs are awesome!
How bad can I make you Look? : How bad do you want me to see?
Do you wash your hands frequently? : With every visit to the bathroom.
Do you wet the bed? : Do I look 6 to you?
What age did you stop? : 6
Do you lie a lot? : No
Do you forget to brush your teeth frequently? : No, I'm pretty good about it.
Brush your hair? : ^
Do you use deoderant? : Every day
Are you an alcoholic? : Not even close.
A druggie? : Even further.
Do you drink illegally? : How does one at my age drink illegally?
Do you wear underwear? : Yes 
Do you change your underwear frequently? : Daily
Are you a coward? : No
A loser? : No
An idiot? : Maybe
Do you chatspeak? : No
Are you a bad friend? : I'd like to think that I'm not. 
Are you untrustworthy? : No
Unreliable? : No
Do you pick your nose?  Only if I have a really bad itch, and I do it in private so as to not disgust anyone.
Are you imperfect? : Everyone is.
Ugly? : I'm sure to someone I might be.
Do you have bad hair? : Not with my perfectionist of a hairstylist mother.
A big nose? : Yeah
Are you shallow? : No 
Greedy? : No
Do you tell people you love them just to get want you want? : No
Do you have any important talents? : I can think quick and have a relatively decent memory for movie lines and song lyrics.  Does that count?
Do you burp often? : Just in the comfort of my own home.
Are you impolite? : No
Disrespectful? : When I'm in a bad mood
Sadistic? : No
Are you a pansy? : No 
Are you a conformist? :  No
Are you a fan of George W. Bush? : How many GWB questions are there in this quiz?
Do you have buck teeth? : No
Acne? : Every time I eat something greasy.  (Damn it KFC)
Mental illnesses? : Asperger's, but I'm in control of it.
Are you fake? : Are you?
Does your breath smell? : *smells breath* I smell like that peanut butter cookie I just ate.
Do you have a strong body odor? No
Do you have bad teeth? : No, but I am overdue a checkup with the dentist. 
Do you have a bull ring through your nose? : No piercings whatsoever.
Are you overweight? : No
Anorexic? : No 
Bulimic? : No
Do you have a piercing in an inappropriate spot on your body? : Answered 4 questions ago.
A tattoo? : No
Are you a wannabe? : I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!  (More song references!!)
Are you a bad guesser? : I guess.
Are you slow? : Nope
Are you bad at reading people? : So-so
Are you too nice for your own good? : Likely
Do you have a lot of friends? : A good amount.
Do you give in easily? : No
Are you stubborn? :  Yep.
Are you annoying? : Likely.
Do you enjoy talking about gross, disturbing things? : Not particularly, unless it's funny.

Are you a necrophilliac? : Eww
Is your room messy? : Every now and then.
Do you respect your body? : Try to
Are you arrogant? : Maybe a bit.
Are you unique? : Like everyone else
Are your hands clammy? : No
Are you short? : No
Are you freakishly tall? : Thank god, no.

Do you believe in God? : Yes
Do you believe in magic? : Wasn't this.... oh, never mind.
True love? : Yes
Heaven? : Yes
Hell? : Yes
Satan? : Yes
The Lord and Lady? : No clue what this refers to.
The Goddess? :  No
The Greek Gods or Goddesses? : No, but they have great stories.
The Pagan Gods or Goddesses? : No
Are you an atheist? : No
Agnostic? :  I don't know *shot* (In all seriousness, no)
Do you believe in fairies? : No
Dragons? : Yes.
Unicorns? : No
Gollums? : No
Santa? : No, but there's probably truth behind the myth somewhere.
The Easter Bunny? : No
The Tooth Fairy? : No
Pixies? : No
Phoenixes? :  No, but they're freaking cool.
Elves? : No
Dwarves? : Yes.... oh wait, I'm thinking about midgets.
Mermaids? : No
Karma? : This was asked already and I repeat:  Watch my LPs.
Immortality? : Yes
Do you believe in the Aztec Gods? : No
Mayan Gods? : No
Incan Gods? : No
Do you believe that each different belief creates a new reality? : Yes
Do you believe in life on other planets? : Yes
Do you believe in parallel universes? : Yes
Do you believe that black holes are time portals? : Dunno, but I don't intend to find out.
Do you believe in Eternity? : Yes
Do you believe in evolution? : It's possible, but I still believe in my religion.
Do you believe in life after death? : Yes
What happens to us after we die? : I don't know, I haven't asked.
Do you believe in superheroes? : Yes, the brave people who put their lives on the line.
Super villains? : Politicians.
Do you believe in Fate? : Yes
That everything has a purpose? : Yes
Do you believe that everything revolves around money? : No
Sex? : Yes
Love? : Yes
Success? : Yes
Making yourself happy? : Yes
Making others happy? : This is my life goal
Religion? : Yes
Politics? : Only if I really need to.
Do you believe in miracles? : Yes
Angels? : Yes
Demons? : Yes
Ghosts? : Yes
Vampires? : No
Do you believe there's a someone for everyone? : Yes
Do you believe in true, selfless happiness? : Yes 
Do you believe in selflessness at all? : Yes
Do you believe that wishing for something can make it happen? : No, you have to make it happen
Do you believe that the means justify the ends? : No, other way around.
Do you believe that anything can happen? : Yes

Tell me about you... 
Name: Diego/marjosonic/DARVTC
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Happy with it? : Sure
Eye color: Brown
Happy with it? : On myself, yes.
If not, what would you change it to? : N/A
Hair color: Dark Brown
Happy with it? : Yes
If not, what would you change it to? : I wouldn't be opposed to pure black hair.
Hair length: Short
Hair style: Not sure how to describe it.
Have you ever dyed your hair? : I believe I answered this already.
What color? : ^
Do you dye your hair frequently? : No
Has it ever gotten damaged? : Yeah
Are you clean-shaven? : No, but I kinda wish I was.
Are your fingers long and slender, short and fat, or somewhere in between? : Long and slender.
Thin or full lips? : Full
Thin hair, thick hair, or somewhere in between? : I'm working on thickening my hair.  Mom fears I might go bald.
Have you ever had lice? : Yeah
How old were you? : 8
Nicknames:  Negro, Ñiato, Bubby, Broski, marjo, Doc.
Happy with them? : Yeah
Aliases:  Formerly, Martin Stevens.
What made you choose them? : I like the name Martin and I was paranoid in my early years of the internet.
If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be? :  No clue.  Maybe the female version of my middle name, Alejandra.
Think of the situation above. What would you want your name to be? : The aforementioned or Juliana.
If you had a choice, would you drop your last name? : No
What heritage does your first name imply? : Hispanic
Middle name? :  Alejandro
Place of birth: New Jersey
Date of birth: July 7th
Nationality: Colombian, US American.
Were you named after anyone? : Yes
Who? : My father
What side of the family does your name come from? : My dad's side, but my mom was the one to make the choice in the name.
Did your parents immigrate? : Yes
How about your grandparents? : My paternal grandma did.
Your great grandparents? : Not that I know
Where did they emmigrate from? : Colombia
Where did they immigrate to? : New Jersey
Skin color: White.  Used to be more tan.
What's your facial structure like? : Big and slim I guess.
Height: 6'
Happy with it? : Yes
Weight: 169 lb
Happy with it? : Content
How old are your parents? :  51 and 50
What's your father's name? : I answered this already!  Pay attention!!!
Your mother's? : ^
Do you have any siblings? : Just one
How old are they? : 16
What are their names? : Sebastian/Cyan Magi
Do you get along with your family? : Yes
Do you wish they were different? : Not really
Were you ever abused by any member of your family? : No
Were you ever betrayed by a member of your family? : Yes
Did your family ever disown any other member of your family? : No
If so, why? : N/A
Who do you get along with most? : My broski. :)

Color: Green
Month: April/May
Year: 2012
Decade: 90s
Century: The current one.
Millenium: ^
Animal: Chameleon
Movie:  Pulp Fiction
Book: Heroes of Olympus House of Hades
River: None
Lake: None
Ocean: None
Country: US and Colombia, but I want to see more of the world
City: Orlando
State: Florida
Province: None
Place to go in your neighborhood:  Bike Trail
Person: Meggy
Relative: My bro
Pet: My cousin's dog, Tuco.
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Actress: Emma Watson
Celebrity: If YouTubers count, Tyler Sederwall/AttackingTucans
Musician: Ray Charles
Singer: Steven Tyler
Band: Crush 40
Movie genre: Comedy
Play genre: Comedy
Play: Haven't seen many, but I enjoyed Legally Blonde The Musical
Musical: Grease
Poem: The Raven
Writer: Tie between Devon/Sparky and Reece/TheBlox
Song:  At the moment, Pompeii by Bastille
Sport: Football (Soccer)
Food: Cookies!!
Brand of cereal: Reeces Puffs
Candy bar: Wonka Bar, but I haven't had one in forever.
Disney princess: Kita (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
Disney prince: None
Disney villain: Scar
Disney character: Stitch
CD: Aerosmith Devil's Got a New Disguise
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Video game: At the moment, Sonic Generations
Computer game: ^
Board game: Sorry!
Word game: Does Pictionary count?
Truth or dare question: Dare me sucker!
Fairy tale: Rumpelstiltskin
Lullabye: N/A
Holiday: Christmas
Mythological creature: Dragon, all the way.
Miscellaneous item: Laptop
Storybook character:  Percy Jackson
Movie character:  Buzz Lightyear
Play character: Danny Zuko
Musical character: ^
College: None
Football team: ^
Soccer team: Colombia
Tennis player: None
Hockey team: ^
Basketball team: Orlando Magic (even though they suck XD)
Baseball team: ^
Swimmer: ^
Track star: ^
Vegetable: Carrot
Fruit: Banana
Toothpaste brand:  Colgate
Type of computer: Gaming laptop (I really need one)
Medication: Anything that works
Poison: "Don't need nothin, but a good time!" (Just keep bringing the references)
Type of sword:  Japanese Katana 
Type of gun: Magnum
Planet: Earth
Space feature: Moons
Breed of cat: None
Dog: ^
Spider: ^
Fish: ^
Penguin: ALL OF THEM!!!
Species of crustacean: IT WAS A ROCK.... LOBSTER!!!! (Haha, that one was even sooner than I thought)
Arachnid: None
Insect: None
Pair of socks: Comfy ones
Scooby-Doo character: Scooby himself
Spongebob Squarepants character: Patrick, hands down.
Quote: "This is why we can't have nice things!!"
Adage: ?
President: None
Astrological sign: Gemini
Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey
Number: 7
Short story: My Oedipus Complex
Word: POOP!! (I guess that confirms I'm a bit immature. XD)
Definition: Champion
Time period: The 90s and early 2000s
Dictionary brand: Google. XD 
Publishing company: None
Illustrator: Dark Horse Comics
Artist: Any of the people I watch on dA
Childhood story: Can Toy Story count?
Childhood memory: When my cousin first came to the US.
Facial expression: Laughing smile.
Serial killer: None
Medieval torture device: I don't swing that way.
Instrument: Guitar and Piano
Brand of chocolate: Godiva and Wonka
Letter: X
Inside joke:
 It was a moment from an LP that stood out for my brother and I and we now repeat all the time.  Essentially, my brother will say one thing wrong and I point out the correction.
marjo: I'm not whistling.  I'm humming.  There's a difference.
Cyan:  I don't care!
marjo: There's a difference!!!!
Cyan:  I don't care.

Scent: Popcorn
Onomotapoeia: HOOOOONK!!!!

Your ideal Boy/Girl friend 
Hair color: Don't particularly care, but I like red hair.
Hair length: Whatever works
Hair style: ^
Eye color: Green, Blue or Brown
Skin color: Doesn't matter
Any makeup?: Light
Clothing style: Casual
Shy or outgoing?: Outgoing
Happy or depressed?: Happy
Funny or serious?: Funny
Abusive or kind?: Kind 
Respectful or perverted?: Depends on when and where
Completely describe their personality: Someone who will always smile and make the best time out of anything

Ideal height: Enough so I don't have to slouch when I kiss her. XD
Ideal weight: Healthy
Body type: ^

Artistic or athletic?:  Athletic
Intellectual or unintelligent?: Intellectual
Complex or simple?: Simple
Stopped Tuesday 8:29 pm | Restarted Wednesday 6:34 pm
What would their hobbies be?: Anything that can be done with a group.
Interests?: Good movies and music.
Obsessions: Maybe sweets
Would they hug you often?: Yep
Kiss you often?: Oh yeah
Would they frequently tell you that they loved you?: Nah.  She'd show it instead.
Have you already found your ideal mate?: No
Or as close as someone can get?: Not at the moment.
Are you in love?: I have a crush.
What will you do together?: Hopefully everything and anything.
Your ideal date: Good food and lots of laughs.
Your ideal wedding: With family that doesn't hate each other hopefully. XD
How many kids?: An even number would be ideal.  Most likely 2.
What will their names be?: For a girl, Juliana.  For a boy, Martin Esteban.
What do you think they would look like?: Hopefully like my future wife and I.
Will you even have kids?: Yes
If not, why?: - N/A
Will you even get married?: I want to believe so.
If no, why? N/A
Are you taken or single?: I'm pretty sure this has been implied.

Least favorite color: Yellow and Purple.
Animal: Mosquito.
Number: Number of the Beast.
President: Don't have one.
Actor: Can't think of one.
Actress: None
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Celebrity: Honey Boo Boo
Artist: None
Illustrator: None that I can think of.
Poet: None
Writer: Not sure.
Band: At the moment, Megadeth 
Musician: Not sure
Singer: Justin Beiber
Food: Blood Sausage and Liver
Fruit: Not sure
Vegetable: Peppers
Candy: Almond Joy
Candy bar: ^
Brand of chocolate:  None
Skittles flavor: None
Month: September
Year: 2003
Decade:  None
Century: ^
Millenium: ^
Era: ^
Time period: ^
Battle of the Civil War: All
War: ^
Battle of WWII: ^
Battle of American Revolution: ^
Genius: None, unless he/she is an unlikable person.
Genus of plant: None
Flower: ^
Tree: ^
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Does bloodshot count?
Fairy tale: None
Disney princess: Snow White
Disney villain: Cinderella's Stepmom?  I dunno.
Disney prince: None
Movie character: Anakin Skywalker (in Star Wars Episode II)
Play character: None
Book character: Bozo from Ender's Game
Musical character: None
Play: None
Musical: None
Person: Any name listed from this part of the quiz.
Brand of cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats
Brand of battery: The generic ones that come with remote controls
Mental illness: Alzheimer's and Cancer
Medication: Pain Relievers
Serial killer: All
Poison: Eeeevry Rose has it's Thorn.. (Yep, more song references!)
Type of sword: Rapier
Type of gun: Beretta
Taste: Bitter
Sound: The one made when people puke or gag.
Sexual position: "Apart" *shot*
Article of clothing: Shoes

What do you think Of... 
Ugly people? : Well at least they have personality right?
Pretty people? : I feel pretty, oh so pretty! (Okay, that was too easy)
Bald people? : Lucky, you guys don't need to shampoo
Religion? : Important in our lives.
Politics? : *yawn*
Abortion? : Pro choice
Church? : Great for life lessons.  Terrible in real life scenarios. (That probably sounds more dickish than I mean for it to sound)
Separation of church and state? : Yes
Blondes? :  It's a nice hair color.
Brunettes? : It's a great hair color
Redheads? : I really like redheads.
Mainstream rock? : I'd need an example.
Abercrombie? : No opinion
Pop music? : Some good songs exist
Classic rock? : I love Rock and Roll! (Most appropriate answer ever)
Roleplaying? : Depends
Emo music? : There's some good songs, but only good to listen now and then.
Ignorance? : It's bliss, right?
Stupidity? : Can't stand it.
Mental retardation? : Actual condition; try to help.  Those who just act retarded make me wanna slap them.
Friends? : The best.
Disrespect? : Make me wanna slap someone
Immaturity? : Depends on the situation.
Republicans? : No opinion
Democrats? : No opinion
Your mom? : I love my mom
My mom?: Is that who she was?  I'm so sorry, I didn't know.
Me? : I think you owe me money
This quiz?: How much more?
Dry walls? : Good?
Painted walls? : I guess
Drugs? : Only the medicinal ones.
Alcohol? : Good for now and then.
Prostitution? : Ladies, do whatever you want.  As long as you're not being forced. (I'm not saying prostitution should be legal, but people will still be charging you for what should be free anyways).
Premarital sex? : As long as you're responsible.
Teenage sex? : Maybe at 16, but be responsible about it and prepared for any consequences.
People? : It's always hit or miss.
Your classmates? : I miss most of them.
Your co-workers? : They're funny.
Your school? : Miss school now and then.
Your family? : I love the majority of them.
My family? : I swear, I didn't know it was your mom.
Your mental health?: I've probably lost my mind years ago and I'm trapped in a dream.
My mental health? : You're probably in the same boat.
Falling asleep holding a stuffed animal? : No, but I did sleep with a Woody doll like in Toy Story
The color green? : My favorite color
Pickles? : Like them
Electricity?: Thank God for it.
Niagra falls? : Would love to see it.
Cataracts? : Don't want to ever have it.
Bridges? : Proceed with caution
Braces? : Some people need it.
Dictionairies? : You've asked this already.....
Television? : Mostly just with family.
Fairy tales? : Not really into them honestly.  Except when the Muppets do them.
Hollywood? : Indifferent
MTV? : Never paid attention to it.

What are you feeling? : Good actually.  I'm finally out of that cold.
Smelling? : I have a terrible sense of smell.
Seeing? : My computer screen and a wall of text.
Hearing?: My brother playing Assassin's Creed IV
Doing? : You're really not paying attention.
Who are you talking to online? : Missy, Rai, and Sparky.
On the phone? : No one at the moment.
What room of the house are you in: Game Room
Are you cold? : No
Bored? : I'm doing this quiz, aren't I?
Warm? : a little
Hot? : No
Do you look nice? : Decent.
What are you wearing? : Black polo, gray pants, black socks.
Are you eating anything? : I ate a cookie like 10 minutes ago.
Drinking anything? : My own spit at this point..... I should get some water.
What's your heart rate? : Regular
BMI? : Average
What brand of shoes are you wearing? : None
What are you wishing for?: For things to go right.
What are you worried about? : That they won't.
Sad about? : Thankfully nothing.
Happy about? : That things are alright now.
Angry about? : Nothing
Serious about? : My job
Laughing about: The shenanigans I see on AGT, the Internet, or work.
Talking about? : The terrible weather.
Typing about? : THIS QUIZ

Can You... 
Kiss your elbow? : No
Touch your nose with your tongue? : No
Stick your fist in your mouth? : I don't swing that way.
Touch your toes? : On a good day.
Give away money? : Depends
Marry a family member? : No thank you.
Hire an assassin? : I don't have that kind of money.
Get ahold of drugs? : No, and I don't want to.
Alcohol? : I rarely drink.
Stay up all night: Almost all the time.
Stay up for five nights? : If not for work, I'd try. XD
Finish this quiz? : Yes
Swim? : Yes
Draw well? : If I did, I'd probably have more fans here. XD
Sing well? No, but that never stops me. XD
Write well? I think so
Eat a box of chocolates in an hour? : With a lot of water and exercise.
Eat an entire package of Oreos in a half an hour? : I've done two packages once. I love Oreos, especially Mint and Peanut Butter cream flavors.
Without milk? : ^.  But it's always better with milk.
Predict the future? : No, but I have had deja vu dreams.

Would you Ever... 
Sacrifice everything for a friend? : Just a friend, no.
A lover? : Yes.
Give your life for a friend? : Yes
A lover? : Yes.
Give your life to save a stranger's? : Probably.
Sell yourself? : I don't know how much I'd be worth.
Lie to a friend? : I try not to.
Lie to your parents? : ^
Lie to a lover? : ^
Steal from your parents? : No
Hug them in public? : Yes
Blow up your house? : No
Abuse someone? : No
Use someone? : No

Would you ever Be... 
A fireman? : Sure
Policeman? : No
Serial killer? :  No
Doctor? : No
Surgeon? : Like a Surgeon.  Cuttin for the very first time! (Song references aside, no)
Prostitute? : It'd be gigolo in my case, but still no
Playboy model? : I think it'd be Playgirl in my case, and I doubt I'd ever be picked. XD
Writer? : Yes
Artist? : Yes, but as a hobby
Musician? : Yes, for fun only though
Assassin? : No
Ninja? : Yes
Soldier? : No
President? : No
Darth Vader? : If I didn't have to be evil, sure.
Pilot? : Yes
Mortician? : No
Forensic scientist? : No
Detective? : Only if I can be Batman
Lawyer? : No
Drug-dealer? : No
Box-carrier? : No 
Store clerk? : No
Banker? : No
Criminal? : No
Target? : Of someone's attention, sure
Professional wrestler? : No
Tennis player? : No
Rapper? : For fun 
Country singer? : No
Pop star? : No
Actor? : That'd be my brother.
Plastic surgeon? : No

Tell me about your Family... 
How many people live in your house? : 4
How many brothers do you have? : I answered this already
Sisters? : None
Do your mom and dad live with you? : Yes
Or are they divorced? : No
You live on your own? : No
Do you have any kids? (if you are of age...) : No 
How many cousins do you have? : 1 maternal cousin, 3 paternal cousins
How many uncles? : 2 maternal, 1 paternal, 2 in law
How many aunts? : 4 maternal, 1 paternal, 1 in law
Do you have more than one grandma? : Not anymore....
More than one grandpa? : No
Do you have any second-cousins? : A couple
Were you adopted? : No 
Were any siblings of yours adopted? : No

How's your house? 
Do you live in a house? : Yes
Do you have an apartment? : No
Or do you live in a box? : I consider all houses to be fancy boxes.
How many rooms are in your house? : The current one has 5.
How many bathrooms? : 2
Closets? : One per room
Sinks? : 4
Light switches? : I'm not counting that
Light bulbs? : ^
...Cabinets? : 3
Do you have a coat hanger? : No
Do you have a dining room? : Yes
Is the kitchen attached to the dining room? : No
Do you eat in the kitchen? : Yes
Do you have your own room? : Yes
Do you share your room with a sibling?: No
Is your bed twin size, king, queen, or a bunk bed? : Queen
Do you have a lot of pillows? : I guess
Do you have a big or small dresser/closet? : Normal/Small closet.
Do you have your own bathroom? : No
Does it have a bathtub? Or just a shower stall? : Bathtub

Have you seen these movies? (yes/no) 

Ice Age : Yes
Ice Age: The Melt Down : Yes
The Da Vinci Code : No
Stopped Wednesday 8:05 pm | Resumed Friday 6:19 pm
Mission: Impossible III : Yes
X-Men: The Last Stand : No
Inside Man : No
The Pink Panther : Yes, the one with Steve Martin.
Scary Movie : no
Scary Movie 2 : no
Scary Movie 3 : no
Scary Movie 4 : no
Failure to Launch : No
BloodRayne : No
Hostel : No
Last Holiday : No
Underworld: Evolution : No
Annapolis : No
Nanny McPhee : Yes
Curious George : No
Final Destination 3 : No
Firewall : No
Eight Below : No
Doogal : No
Thank You for Smoking : No
The Sentinel : No
Hoot : No
Over the Hedge : Yes, own it.
The Omen : No
Cars : Yes
Revolver : No
Typhoon : No
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone : Yes, own VHS
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : Yes, own VHS
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban : Yes, own it
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire : Yes, own it
Star Wars Episode III : Yes, own it
The Chronicles of Narnia : Yes, own it
War of the Worlds : Yes, the remake
King Kong : No
Madagascar : Yes
Mr. & Mrs. Smith : no
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory : Yes, own it, the book, and the Gene Wilder version.
Batman Begins : Yes, own it
Hitch : No
Constantine : No
Son of the Mask : Yes
Cursed : No
Alone in the Dark : No
Are We There Yet? : Yes
The Pacifier : No
Robots : Yes, own it
Ice Princess : no
Miss Congeniality : no
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous : no
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy : no
The Amityville Horror : No
Kung Fu Hustle : No
Sin City : Yes, and will see the sequel
House of Wax :No
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants : no
Cinderella Man : No
Herbie: Fully Loaded : No
Bewitched : Yes
Land of the Dead : No
Fantastic Four : No
The Dukes of Hazzard : No
The Skeleton Key : No
The Exorcism of Emily Rose : No
Corpse Bride : Yes, own it
Cry Wolf : No
Into the Blue : No
The Gospel : No
Two for the Money : No
Doom : Yes, own it
Saw : No
Saw II : No
The Weather Man : No
Jarhead : no
Zathura : Yes, own it
Yours, Mine and Ours : no
Brokeback Mountain : No
Memoirs of a Geisha : Yes
Hoodwinked : No
Cheaper by the Dozen : no
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 : no
Shrek : Yes (so overrated)
Shrek 2 : Yes
Spider-Man : Yes, own VHS
Spider-Man 2 : Yes
The Incredibles : Yes, own it
The Day After Tomorrow : no
Troy : No
Shark Tale : no
Finding Nemo : Yes
Napoleon Dynamite : No
Around the World in 80 Days : Yes, the Jackie Chan one.  Own VHS
Fahrenheit 9/11 : No
Catwoman : No
Alien vs. Predator : No
The Grudge : no
The Polar Express : Yes
Finding Neverland : Yes, own it
National Treasure : Yes
Bruce Almighty : Partially
The Last Samurai : No
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days : no
Gods and Generals : No
Phone Booth : No
Holes : Yes
Daddy Day Care : No
Pirates of the Caribbean : Yes, own the first trilogy

The Final Questions 
Are you glad this quiz is almost over? : Oh yeah
How long have you been doing this?: See the logs
Did you do the entire quiz all at once or take breaks now and then? : ^
Will you PM me when you are done? : I don't know you
How much gold do you think you made off of it? : ..... wait, where's my wallet?!
Will you miss me? : Who are you?
Will I miss you? : Who am I?
Should I number the questions? : I don't even want to know how many there was.
What time is it, and how low did it take you to finish?: 6:27 pm.  Took me about 6-7 hours across 4 days (5 if you count my absence on Thursday)
It's over! Congratulations!!! : Great!  Who's next?
  • Listening to: Pompeii
  • Reading: Code
  • Watching: AGT and SYTYCD
  • Playing: Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, and Dokopan Kingdom

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